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Does Culture Drive Media ?

Does Culture Drive Media ?

September 29, 2019

What’s the headline for today? What’s the latest in my social media feed?

In this episode, I got together with David Swan, an award-winning journalist at The Australian to discuss all things headlines and really question whether culture drives media or is the other way round?

Tiny changes, big impact

Tiny changes, big impact

August 28, 2019

“ It is too big, too long, too difficult" Sounds like something we all say to ourselves?

Doing nothing has an impact. Accepting the narrative has an impact.

What can we really do with our own two hands? 

Welcome back to Curly Questions Episode 9.

In this episode, we have Philippe Guichard, whom I met at the inaugural Darebin Pitch IT Competition in 2016 and again at TEDx Casey this year. 

Philippe thinks that we can do better, be better and change the way to design and consume. All we need is a mind-shift. 

In fact during TEDX Casey, he spoke about what can we do with our own two hands and sounds like he is doing exactly that  through designs for the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet, and profits.  We get to hear exactly about what can we do we with our own two hands. 

In this show, we cover: 

- Why do we bury our head and not make a change?

- How to act today and design a better world for tomorrow?

- How do we get people to change their mind? 

Let’s talk about rejection.

Let’s talk about rejection.

May 27, 2019

“We love your idea but we decided to progress with another… “

Hearing only crickets after putting ideas out there…Dozen of job applications sent and falling flat… 

Reject, rejected and rejection..

We have experienced some form of rejection in our life. But really, what is it? Today I have got Rahul Soans, Founder of Disruptive Business Network  to talk about the all things rejection in the show.. 

In this show we cover:

Rejection and how it rears its ugly head .. 

What has rejection got to do with our tribal instinct?

The rejected and the dejected – riding and taming that emotional roller coaster

Are you listening?

Are you listening?

March 4, 2019

We only listen to 17% of the words that are being said.

Wait, are you even listening?

In this episode, I met with Anne Maree from The Last Conference where she spoke about “Listening to be heard” and she had mentioned that we have thought of a reply even before the other party had finished talking! 

If that sounds like you, sit back with a cup of tea and listen in to Anne on what it really means to be heard.

PS: thanks to Xero for offering a wonderful space to record this episode 


Are we in an online echo chamber?

Are we in an online echo chamber?

September 22, 2018

Great atmosphere. Delicious food. 5 stars rating.

Except, it does not exist at all.

And this is the story of a fake restaurant that is rated #1 on TripAdvisor.

All things popular and trending- Don’t we all want to be part of the crowd?

In Episode 5, we dive into the echo chamber of all thing online to discover our very own hidden biases with Cameron Neil, the GM of digital agency, Common Code.

Meet the man who build businesses and movements. Things that make an impact.

Is faster better?

Is faster better?

August 20, 2018

Is faster better? Should you give 101%?

Today I am going on the fast lane to discover why we should slow down with Jason Clarke, founder of Minds at Work, who has helped people ‘think again’ since the end of the last century.

So exit the world where busy and fast are the new black for the next 30 minutes to lean right into this episode. 

Thanks to Code for Australia for offering us a wonderful space in the heart of Fitzroy. 



Do we need a purpose?

Do we need a purpose?

July 26, 2018

I don’t believe we have a purpose. We have many purposes.

Think you will sort out your purpose in life with a trip to Bali? Wait.. do we need to? 

Well in today’s  episode, we are going to tease it apart with Michael, from Vinomofo, more than just a business, in fact it is a movement that unites people with the love of wine. 

Do differences make a difference?

Do differences make a difference?

July 10, 2018

Great ideas are bouncing within the walls of our heads.

But .. have you asked the audience what they want?

In Curly Questions’ latest episode, I took a stab at the diversity bandwagon with our dangerously fun story teller Simon Green to unpick the narrative “ does differences make a difference, really?”

Sometimes the outliers tell a difference and those edge cases can turn out to be your biggest audience.

Lean in this episode on why it is important not to preach to the choir.

Thanks to RMIT activator for an absolute wonderful space in the city !


The booby trap in our decision making

The booby trap in our decision making

July 1, 2018

The biases that mess up your decision making  

The booby trap in our decision making – oh really, what makes us decide the way we do?

And you just did.

Have you ever wondered ..why do you choose the biggest popcorn at the movies when you are not even hungry?

We might all think we are good at thinking and making rational decisions for ourselves. Turns out the truth is far from that..

Lean in to listen to the hidden biases in action through our everyday decision making …